Service Partners

We are proud to partner with locally owned businesses in the Paducah Area. From catering needs to A/V system specialists, we have a excellent list of businesses we have for you to choose from to make your next event a success!

Event planners know that the key to coordinating any great event is contained in the minute details that go into each plan. The Paducah Convention Center support team understands the value of making sure everything fits together perfectly. When one detail goes unaddressed, chaos is likely to occur. It’s our job to help you avoid all of that so that you can focus on your big event.

Because so many of our events come from outside of our region, our facility works to provide everything they need for hosting an event. From customized menus and tableware to a full service bar, our event planners are dedicated to providing the highest quality resources available in the region.

If an event has the need for a local deejay or band, our staff can provide contact information for a wide range of musicians and caterers. Find information on our catering and alcohol services, as well as more details on setting up a band or deejay.

Preferred Caterers



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